Rugged Resilience Measure

The Rugged Resilience Measure (RRM)

The Rugged Resilience Measure (RRM) is a brief and validated self-report measure of psychological or ‘internal’ resilience. It draws on essential qualities associated with resilience that reside within each of us to give a sense of how ‘rugged’ a person is, and therefore how likely we are to cope with adversity and significant stressors.

On these pages you can read more about the RRM, including how it can be used, how it has been used, psychometric information, and answers to FAQs. We recommend you read the accompanying manual too, which gives further detail.

The RRM has been used in projects around the world to help determine the resilience of individuals and groups. It has been used in clinical trials, studies of frontline responders during the covid-19 pandemic, evaluations of resilience-building programs, and global studies of social anxiety. Read more about the uses of the RRM here.

Try the RRM and test your resilience with our online survey tool, here

Access the RRM

The RRM is available for free. No special permissions are normally required for its use. We just ask that you complete a short survey when you access the measure to help us understand how it will be used. Once you complete the survey, you will be granted immediate access to the measure.